How To Choose The Right Hangers For Your Clothes?

Choosing the right hanger for your clothes is vital to keep them fresh and unwrinkled. Sing hangers to arrange clothes in the cupboard is also a way to efficiently use the space provided within it. Do remember that, if you do not invest in a good hanger, it can spoil even a $1000 suit! It is because, for men, the suits are going to be at the hanger for 98% of its time, so it is essential to keep it safe. Choosing the wrong normal or baby hangers can wear out the shoulder cut of your clothes and over time, they may become un-wearable.

What does the right hanger do?

The right hanger can ensure the long life and the shape of your clothes. Hangers are essential to ensure that air is circulated well around the clothing, wrinkling of the material is avoided and the clothes overall obtain a sharp look. But also do remember that the type of hangers for shirts, coats, and pants are slightly different and choosing the right one is essential in all the cases.

What types of hangers are required for coats and suits?

Coats and suits are heavier materials as compared to casual shirts and T-shirts; therefore they exert more weight on the hanger. As a result, it is recommended to go with a wishbone hanger which will support the heft of the coat. These hangers are thicker and have a more durable nature. The contours of the hangers are so designed to perfectly align with the mold of the shoulders and support their weight.It is recommended to go for wooden hangers over plastic ones if you can afford them. It is because the latter is usually made of products from petroleum, which may contribute to the discoloring of the fabric over time. Also, make sure to not choose thin hangers as this can cause the clothes to do away with their shoulder lines.

What types of hangers are required for pants and trousers?

Choose metal or plastic non slip hangers which will have contours with clip attachment at either end on which you can hook the cuffs of the pant or trouser. The process is simple, the force of gravity and the weight of the hanger will stretch the pant, make it taut and thus avoid wrinkles from being formed.Another type of hangers will allow you to fold the pant and then hang. This is good for saving a place in the closet. But always remember not to fold the pant at the knee as it can spoil the fabric. Click here for more info on non slip hangers.